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Skip Hire in Clifton

Skip Hire in Clifton – Everything you need to know

In Clifton, one of the most popular ways to get rid of debris, junk, or any waste material is through Skip Hire. This affordable method helps bring waste removal solutions in one go. Generally, skip hire is used for both domestic and commercial projects.

In short, hiring skip in the UK is essential when generating a large amount of building waste and rubbish material. Hence, skips are used for any job that creates waste. So, whether it is a DIY project, such as garden clear ups, bathroom/kitchen refitting, or at industrial construction sites hiring skip is your most convenient, affordable and reliable waste removal method.

There are a large number of skip hire providers in Clifton working as independent firms in their local regions. Besides these, national skip hire firms also exist to provide services throughout the UK with a number of centres and locations. Generally, when making a decision for your skip size it is recommended to evaluate the amount of waste to be produced. As a matter of fact, when determining your waste, you should bear in mind that not ALL waste can be disposed of into the skip.

Items that CANNOT be placed in a skip include:

    • Batteries/electronics (fridge, freezers, TV, etc.)
    • Chemicals/paint
    • Medical items
    • Tyres
    • Gas cylinders
    • Light bulbs
    • Asbestos
    • Plasterboards
    • Any other hazardous item

Plasterboards were allowed before amendments were made in the law. The new law stated (2011) all plasterboard material MUST be disposed of separately. This change was implemented due to a research study that determined during decomposition, dangerous gas was emitted in mixed waste setting. Hence, skip service providers are equipped with special bags for plasterboard waste material.

Skip hire: Different uses

People in Clifton hire skips for a number of reasons. One of the reasons being affordability and convenience that skip hire brings as an efficient waste disposal solution. There are numerous sizes of skips available for different kinds of jobs. Here are a few popular uses of skips:

Domestic use

If you are undergoing a house renovation, skip hire is an essential waste disposal solution to consider. Whether it is fitting a new bathroom or knocking down a wall, you will accumulate a large amount of waste. Therefore, depending on the amount of waste, you can choose a skip that best fits your waste requirements.

Paveway/driveway installation

This is one of the most common uses of skip hires. The installation process removes the old driveway and the waste material can easily be loaded into a small skip.

Unwanted waste clearance of old places

This usually occurs when tenants leave behind heaps of unwanted waste such as old furniture, fittings, etc. Skips are great to use as the garbage can be disposed of.

Garden clean-up

While cleaning gardens, we are often faced with a large amount of organic waste such as soil, trucks and other materials. Skips are configured to take in all kinds of garden clearances. In UK, most garden owners can opt to choose from small affordable skips for small garden clean up jobs.

How to a hire skip in the UK?

There are a number of determinants to consider when hiring skip that fits best with your requirements.

The size

Choosing the right skip size is essentially the first step in the process. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, measurements and length. Opting for a large skip but not having enough waste material to dispose of will only increase your cost, while choosing a small skip for a large amount of junk will leave remaining unwanted garbage at your abode.

Hence, making the right size decision is fundamental to assure you with the best deal in town. Additionally, skip hires are also popular in Clifton as they offer a wide variety of sizes that helps to cover almost any waste disposal jobs easily. So, whether you need to dispose-off building waste material at a commercial site or perform DIY tasks at home, you can opt from a variety of sizes.

Here are 3 main kinds of skip hires in Clifton.

Mini Skip:

These are one of the smallest skips available, usually in 2 or 3 yard skip size. These are great for less amount of waste usually found in housing or gardening projects:

  • Cost effective: Mini skips are great if you are undertaking small domestic jobs such as remodelling kitchen/bathroom or performing quick garden clean-ups. Instead of dumping all the waste in your car to dispose of waste material far away, save some cost by hiring mini skip to efficiently help with the process.
  • Convenience: In UK, most cities are bustling with a large number of residential areas. Therefore, RoRo skips or Builders cannot conveniently be physically placed. Hence, mini skips can allow to efficiently pick up almost 2 to 3 tonnes of waste easily
  • Popularity: These are widely available across Clifton. Especially popular for domestic and other small jobs.

Builders Skip:

These are one of the most popular skip type categories, in 6 cubic yards size. They are great for commercial use where concrete items, soil and rubble are disposed of. Many households make use of builder skip for general domestic waste material. Generally, this skip type can carry almost 70 (black) bags of garbage/waste.

  • Convenience: Builders skip are great for large scaled projects where waste material is dominant of rubble materials. Instead of hiring trucks to and from waste disposal sites. Simply, put them in convenient builders skip. This will also save you from transport/fuel costs
  • Popularity: These are widely popular in commercial business jobs such as at major office or home renovations, etc.

RoRo skips:

Also known as Roll on Roll off skips, measuring around 20 to 40 yards skip sizes. They are typically used for large commercial projects and are not common or compatible in domestic projects. Additionally, this skip type essentially requires large physical space/capacity to fit:

  • Convenience: These are usually equipped with doors to make rolling on and off easier. RoRo skips are an ideal waste removal solution for extremely large projects with equally large waste to dispose of.
  • Popularity: These are widely popular with construction business that have large amount of rubble and waste to dispose of.

Apart from aforementioned three main types, there are other sizes available too:

Midi Skip

These are widely used for mature kitchen fitments and bathrooms, in 4 cubic yard skip size. Often time’s people make use of midi skips for domestic and landscaping waste materials. Generally, this skip type can carry 45 black bags of garbage/waste.

Maxi Skip

These are larger than builders skip, measuring 12 cubic yard in size. Due to the large size, maxi skip take up more physical space on site and offers much larger capacity. These are great for large, bulky debris and waste materials, particularly used at construction and commercial sites.

Secure skips (lockable)

These are largely used to secure your skips with extra protection. This helps to ensure no additional waste elements are added. They are available in varied configuration and sizes.

The skip hire cost:

Skip hire costs are influenced by a number of evaluators. Some of the most common and fundamental determinants include: Skip size, location in Clifton, hiring duration, skip hire permit (depending on location).

Prices by size Undoubtedly, one of the biggest determinants of skip hire lies in the size of the skip. As a matter of fact, small sized skip like the Mini skip will cost lesser than a Builder skip, essentially due to the size and amount of waste the skip can carry. Many skip hire service providers in Clifton often couple other alternatives along with skips to help clients keep the overall cost low. These alternatives may include recycling or landfilling methods.

Furthermore, apart from the size, there are a number of factors that helps in determining the price. They are as follows:

Prices by region in the UK Hire skip prices fluctuate from region to region, with South of England and the great London often priced higher than the rest. Other areas, such as Scotland, Northern Ireland, etc. are usually the cheapest.

Permit council costs As per law, if the skip is placed on public roads a permit is required to be acquired. This permit comes with a cost (depending on your region). However, if you place the skip in the vicinity of your personal property, then council permit is not required. In most cases, your skip hire provider will acquire the permit from the council and add it to your final cost.

Hidden charges As a matter of fact, there are no hidden charges applied when hiring skip service. However, you may be additionally charged or fined for disposing off items in skip that are prohibited as per law. Some skip hire providers may quote prices without incorporating for VAT (value added tax). Hence, when comparing prices it is essential you ask the skip provider if any such tax has been calculated in the final price or not. It is always best to evaluate the total cost of a skip hire service beforehand.

Period of hire The period of hire is another essential factor to consider. Also, long period of hire will cost mo re in terms of the council permit cost. Usually, the longer the skip hire service, the more hiring cost. Today, skip hire service provider offer deals that allow for unlimited hire time period.

Weight of the skip The weight of the skip varies according to skip hire service providers weighing regulations and rules. Generally, this is evaluated by each cubic yard being equal to one tonne. So, a 2 yard skip will weigh 2 tonne. Most skips ranging between 2 to 8 yards can carry heavy materials such as metals and rubbles. However, to make the perfect weight balance it is recommended to load items with a combination of both heavy load and light weight contents. Also, you should keep in mind that loading limitations of trucks provided by your skip hire will vary.

How to reduce cost of a skip hire?

Get quotes:

To ensure that you pay the right price (and preferably lowest) consider researching the market intensively before making the final decision. Get quotes from your regions service providers to compare. Generally, opting for 4 to 5 skip hire providers is recommended. This will give you a better insight to help make the right decision. Additionally, ensure all quotes are inclusive of taxes, permit costs and any other price influencer.

Sell/Donate or Recycle:

Furthermore, another tip to reduce skip hire cost is through: Donating, Selling, and Recycling This will help you to decrease the amount and weigh of waste material and ultimately bring down skip size. Today, there are numerous ways to donate, sell and recycle used goods that you might not know. As a matter of fact, your regions local council can help you with various options to choose from. Likewise, you can hit the internet to donate and sell. So, instead of opting to dump off your old furniture, cupboards, bed set, tables, kitchen and bathroom fittings or any other domestic accessory in the skip you can sell or donate to bring down the total skip hire cost ultimately. Additionally, recycling can bring the following benefits:

  • Save energy: When using industry related recycling material we can save a lot of energy. Besides energy, money is saved in extraction and refining of natural resources.
  • Environmental protection: Recycling is one essential way to reduce pollution. As a matter of fact, the UK saves at least 18 million tonnes of CO2 annually. Thats where the Enviroment Agencies come into action
  • Resource conservation: Recycling helps to reuse materials that can be transformed into other new products. Instead of manufacturers opting to extract resources and damage the natural eco-system, they can recycle materials to conserve resources.

However, even with a large number of positive outcomes, many people still don’t recycle, this is due to:

  • One of the most fundamental reasons for not recycling is found in the inconvenience it causes. Some places are not equipped with recycling bins or bags to make the process easy. Hence, people find the whole process exhausting.
  • People avoid separating items for recycling from the waste collected, and instead, opt to dump all together. Pre planning or labelling items that can be used to recycle is one easy way to separate items.
  • A misconception prevails in today’s society, as people consider recycling as ‘unimportant’ People often tend to ignore the problem of global warming, which can greatly be reduced with the help of recycling old materials for new ones.

Recycling can be easy and convenient with the right mind set. It can also help you to keep your skip hire cost low.

Book in advance

Booking your skip hire service in advance can save you quite a lot of money rather than opting to book them at the eleventh hour. Some skip hire may charge fixed rates as per hiring period and weigh but booking in advance can always open some room for early bird discounts. Likewise, to keep hiring period costs low, accumulate all your waste at one point to fasten up the process.

Try to avoid council permits

While council permits are essential if you place the skip on public property, these can easily be avoided if you opt to keep them in the area of your private property. So, opt for driveways, lawn area, backyards, etc to keep skip hire costs low. However, if your waste is ready to be discarded and wouldn’t require long waiting hours, make use of the wait service to avoid council permits for skip hire.

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Environmentally friendly waste removal solutions

Most skip hire service firms in Clifton are committed to recycle almost 80 to 90 percent of the waste into recycling, hence making it a popular environmentally friendly choice. Once waste material content are sorted and mounted they are distributed between items that can be used for recycling and items to be disposed of into landfills. Items usually collected and recycled by skip hire are:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Soil
  • Furniture
  • Organic waste

Skip Hire: How long can you hire a skip for?

As a matter of fact, hiring a skip varies from task to task. Some jobs are completed quickly while other may take long hours. In most cases, hire periods usually last from 1 to 14 days. While, an average cost to hire skip hires is generally 10 pounds (depending on location/region). Generally, as soon as project reaches completion, skips are collected. Normally, skip hire providers will collect your skip within a day or two.

Skip safety measures to consider

Safety measures are essential to ensure public protection. While some safety responsibility lies on the client, others are fundamentally carried out by skip hire providers.

First, it is important that no skip content bulge out of the skip. This is to ensure that no pedestrians are harmed when the skip is placed on a public property area. If skips are overloaded with content, it might overflow as a result and cause harm to people nearby.

Furthermore, be careful when loading items into the skip. To start off, load heavy objects first to play it safe. Move towards lighter object to top off with the lightest. This will ensure that your skip is stable and firm during any movements.

As discussed, putting anything that can cause explosion or poison is a big NO. So, instead of the skip hire provider pointing these out (or fining you) it is best to keep them separately.

Additionally, safety for pedestrians is important if you are placing your skip at a public place. Hence, one way to safeguard pedestrians is through making sure none of the items are out of the skip, and also surround your skips with amber lights that can easily be visible during night time to avoid any accidents. In most regions, this is the responsibility of the skip hire provider. Likewise, skips should not be placed at locations that block ways. Such as, right outside driveways, on manholes, gates, on drainage lines, etc.

Make the most out of your skip hire

After getting the best quotes and choosing your skip hire provider, it’s time to get started. However, oftentimes people fail to take full advantage of the skip spaces provided which leaves them with higher costs and scattered waste. A large number of people in Clifton discard off waste into the skip without efficiently placing them. As a result, they potentially lose a large amount of space while paying for it. When items are disposed of in the skips, it becomes extremely difficult to arrange them. Here are some things to consider for an efficient, smooth and cheap process:

  • Break up items if you need to: If you have heavy or large items that can be broken into pieces, such as furniture, boxes, or just anything oddly shaped try to break them into smaller pieces so as to save some space in your skip for other waste material.
  • Put heavy items first: It is recommended to discard off heavy items first. If your items are flat in shape, this can further create ease in placing other item on top. Flat items can create the best layout and space coverage. These items usually include tables, boards, etc.
  • Make sure to place skip on your property: This is helpful in case you forget to put some waste material in your skip. Keeping the skip i your property will allow you to add anything that you might have missed earlier before your skip hire provider takes it away.

Hence, consider aforementioned ideas to help you make use of your skip and take full advantage of the service.

Skip Hire: What NOT to do

Whether it is for domestic or commercial purpose, people in Clifton opt for skip hire in order to dispose of any building waste material. However, the process of waste disposal can sound daunting to many. This is why many people often times make the following mistakes when hiring a skip.

  • Do not overfill your skip: This is one of the most common problems found in the UK. People tend to overfill their spills regardless of what size and weigh they can carry. Therefore, filing a mini skip with RoRo skip waste material will only cause it to overflow and potentially fine from skip hire providers.

Look out for a skip that best fits your requirements rather than getting the job done at a low cost. As a matter of fact, always opt for a larger size than you think. This will save you money from hiring two skips that can be more expensive. Likewise, remember to pack all waste material efficiently in order to make the most out of your skip spaces.

  • Do not place your skip in the wrong place: It is best and highly recommended to place your skips in your private property. Public spaces are generally congested with pedestrian and car traffics.

Your skip may cause discomfort and blockage to others. However, you can avail a skip permit from the local counsel if you wish to place it in designated public areas. Your skip provider can help you with this.

  • Do not put prohibited items: As mentioned earlier, avoid putting in items that are hazardous and deadly. These items are listed by your local counsel and can cost you heavy fines if you do not abide by these.

There are many other waste removal services available, but skip hire remains Clifton most sought after waste disposal solutions. This is mainly because it serves as an ideal opportunity to order skip to be delivered. Right after you are done disposing off your building waste materials, you can ask for your skip to be picked up. Skips are available in a diverse range of sizes, measurements and configurations to allow you to choose from what best fits your needs.

Additionally, the size of the skip also ensures that you only pay as much as the job requires. So whether you want to dispose kitchen fittings, garden clean-ups or large rubbles from a construction size, just pick the right size to get your job done efficiently. In Clifton, skip hire providers safely pick and deliver skips on time, bring you utmost convenience as compared to other waste disposal methods that can prove to be unreliable and cost you more for the job.

Hence, no matter what the job is save money and time with skip hire providers in the UK. If you do not move away your waste it can cause hazardous health related problems for you and your loved ones. Opting for a local skip hire service provider is your ultimate affordable and efficient waste disposal solution.

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